Saramed has evolved to create opportunities and offer patients better quality and access to various materials and surgical implants.

This way, we continue to expand our range of products, with the most advanced surgical solutions, materials with the latest technology, adapted to the needs of patients for exceptional results and for a quick recovery.

Medical device innovations have been big and fast. Implants, instruments and surgical material have evolved a lot in recent years, to optimize surgeries and their results.

The quality of materials and surgical implants play a very important role in the process of choosing the ideal solution for each patient. Thus, we have a wide range of products to offer the best solution for each case.


The orthopedic implants we have are medical devices designed to support an injured bone. We work in partnership with surgeons to offer and have the most suitable implants and instruments for each patient.

Our superior quality surgical implants, with enhanced details, provide shorter operation and healing time. The most used orthopedic implants we have are fixation plates, bone screws, variable angle fixation plates, wires and pins and several types of prostheses, among many others. Trauma implants are made of titanium alloy, and we have other types of materials suitable for each type of implant.

The manufacturers we represent are constantly developing their products to improve their performance, reliability and functionality.

The customization of the solution per patient and the diversity of material adapted to each situation we have provides significant benefits in terms of better results and cost savings.

Our manufacturers use this tendency to modify and adapt implants to bring them closer to anatomy, increasing the number of options and sizes available for a complete and adapted solution for our patients.

Despite the success of current implant materials, new and better materials and biomaterials are being developed continuously by our manufacturers to offer even more advanced treatment solutions.

We have a constant stock so that nothing has to be postponed and to always exceed the expectations of patients and health professionals.




We have instruments adapted to the implants we supply so that surgical procedures are faster, more effective and efficient, reducing the time of surgery and providing better results.

The instruments are highly resistant and developed to adapt to surgical needs, to improve performance, functionality and reliability.


Surgical Equipment

Betting on quality and innovative concepts, we have surgical equipment with the most advanced technology and an innovative design for the most demanding surgical standards, ensuring a good cost-benefit ratio.

We work in partnership with healthcare professionals and our manufacturers to evolve and offer solutions with high performance, reliability and functionality.