Technical department

Saramed has highly qualified technical staff with accredited Engineers and extensive experience in medical and hospital equipment.

Our technical department offers a complete service, with an efficient team focused on offering the best solutions for our customers and for the end patients who use our equipment.

Our team of Engineers specializing in medical equipment offers support throughout the entire lifecycle of the equipment, from site verification for correct installation of equipment, installation in accordance with manufacturers’ directives, to training, repair and maintenance of equipment. more complex.

Users of the equipment we support can enjoy better equipment performance when they are fully functional, correctly calibrated and configured. In this way, regular maintenance, periodic checks and calibration when necessary, are essential tools to ensure greater equipment performance and safety for those who use them.

Maintenance and a specialized repair service are essential for the medical team to offer high quality and reliable care to their patients.

The constant evolution of technology in this area as critical and essential as that of medical equipment, allows us to have a multidisciplinary team in constant learning and adapted to the needs of the most advanced equipment and with extensive training for complete support.

With the experience we have acquired and with our versatile technical team, we offer a highly specialized technical service in accordance with the most demanding norms and standards.