The Magnetic Resonance equipment we represent presents an advance in technology, providing a faster operation and better image, facilitating the diagnosis.

A friendly design with greater comfort, from the compact to the open Magnetic Resonance’s equipment, all have the most powerful tools with all the functions they need for an accurate diagnosis.

They are unique equipment with improved operability, ease of use, with a wide range of imaging techniques to create a wide variety of information available for diagnosis. The high-precision images of a superior level, combined with the most current analysis tools on the market, correspond to the expectations of our most demanding customers and always with the main focus on the patient.

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows for a great patient experience with excellent comfort, space and efficiency.




Today's diagnostic needs with faster and more accurate equipment are increasing every day in the medical field.

The CT equipment we represent was designed to meet all challenges, for various routine applications or advanced diagnostics.

The compact size of our equipment surprises with its ease of use and offers the most advanced technology for today's needs.

With full-time sub-millimeter scanning, high-definition images can be obtained for all parts of the body, unlike what was possible only for the cardiac part a few years ago.

With the latest high-speed data sampling technology, it allows you to obtain sharper and clearer images even at the periphery, for an absolute diagnosis with a high performance.

Our equipment allows you to fully respond to the needs of the patient, technicians and doctors, combined with an easy workflow and with refined tools for the most demanding needs and diagnoses.





The ultrasound equipment we represent is high-performance diagnostic equipment focused exclusively on creating high-quality “sound” to obtain advanced images with excellent details and high resolution.

The mid-range equipment, in addition to offering high performance normally reserved for high-end models, is technologically advanced equipment in Hardware and Software, obtaining excellent quality and benefit.

All equipment was designed for ease of use and focused on the patient.




The X-ray equipment we present is a high-tech solution that meets the needs of the medical imaging community.

We provide our customers with conventional or digital radiology solutions, always with the thought and dedication to innovation and reliability, better comfort for the patient, ease and speed of use for the technician.

From technology to mechanics, from ergonomics to design, all elements were designed to fit into a unique, powerful and reliable solution, capable of performing all radiology applications.

We can offer compact or advanced radiology solutions, with multi-purpose radiographic systems, meeting the needs of our customers for an accurate diagnosis of patients with high levels of safety and comfort.


Mobile X-Ray

The mobile X-ray equipment we have available allows you to quickly and easily perform radiographic images in various hospital settings.

Equipment with excellent image quality so that precise and clear monitoring of the most critical patients can be performed,

The equipment can be connected to the hospital network with or without wires, allowing to obtain the patient's information with the RIS connection.





The extensive product range of our mammography equipment manufacturer, allows us to offer analog solutions, digital solutions and digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), stereotactic biopsy devices and breast positioning systems for early detection of breast cancer.

The systems we offer are more compact, with ultra-clear images of digital breast tomosynthesis and digital mammography with less radiation exposure and reduced compression that improve patient comfort.

With the help of some of the leading specialists in the field, our manufacturer has been able to constantly meet the highest diagnostic standards and patient safety needs, ensuring the best possible image quality with the lowest possible dose per patient.

Patient comfort and optimal workflow performance are guaranteed by fully motorized functions, isocentric C-arm movements and ergonomic positioning of the unit's controls.

Post-processing of images can also be adapted to the individual needs of each user, offering a number of easy and useful tools for the user.

Our units can handle the most demanding workloads, from daily exams to advanced studies.



AI Mamo

The artificial intelligence platform for breast imaging includes detection solutions for 2D mammography, tomosynthesis and density assessment.

This platform contains an artificial intelligence algorithm with superior performance for the detection of breast cancer and high specificity with a low number of false positives.

The high-performance cancer detection solution analyzes each image quickly and accurately, detecting both malignant soft tissue densities and calcifications with unparalleled accuracy.

Ideal for large workflows, providing fast results with the analysis of each mammographic image.

According to Tomosynthesis, it is proven that it helps radiologists to face the challenges of reading cases, improving cancer detection rates, while reducing false positives and unnecessary additional tests for patients.

This powerful platform can be included in future applications, including risk assessment.



Orthopedic Image

The Extremity CT scanner is state of the art equipment that provides high quality 3D images with a low dose under natural load or in natural positions.

The design of the unit is guided by the manufacturer's philosophy, which focuses on maximized ergonomics and comfort for the patient and the user.

The device uses high-tech intelligent algorithms to deliver sharp images - at low doses. The unit was designed to maximize clinical benefits, with options to correct movements, reduce artifacts and remove noise while maintaining high isotropic resolution.


A 3D weight-bearing image of knee, ankle, foot and toe under natural load can reveal problems that would not be discernible. Versatile patient positioning options combined with advanced imaging algorithms allow effortless imaging.

The weight-supported 3D image solves the challenges of projection differences and overlapping structures. The anatomy is shown in a natural position and can better reveal the narrowing of the joint space and other conditions that may not be visible through conventional diagnostic means.

With the scanner head and neck imaging’s option, it is possible to expand the use of this equipment to meet your basic 3D and ENT imaging needs. The exceptional image quality combined with the patient's positioning and volume options makes it possible to acquire images of the head and neck region with greater precision. Convenient positioning and open design help to reduce patient anxiety.

The high-quality images of the scanner allow you to view even the smallest bone structures with minimal interference. Advanced image processing algorithms and rigid patient positioning allow high quality images, even at very low doses.

Bone densitometry

We offer a complete range of innovative solutions in radiology, bone densitometry, stereo-radiography and posturology, all adapted to the needs of our customers and today.

With minimal radiation doses, combined with the speed to perform the examination and the patient's comfort, we offer the solution you need.

Our manufacturer's equipment features a result and an easy-to-use software interface with intuitive menus for exceptionally easy navigation. Of course, this is achieved without compromising the sophistication of the essential options, tools and connectivity for the medical environment.

It combines the best in technology and performance, making it the ideal solution for bone densitometry exams.



Radiology scanning systems allow for a transition to quality digital radiography.

We offer solutions suited to the workload of the different departments and for the most varied radiological exams, with advanced image quality combined with powerful workstations with simple tools.

Our units can handle the most demanding workloads, from daily exams to advanced studies.

Printer Films

We have radiological printing solutions adapted to the needs of our customers and with lower daily costs.

Imaging Consumables

We have a wide range of consumables with superior quality for imaging, for the daily needs of our customers and users.

The consumables we have are suitable for the brands we represent but can also be adapted for other brands, do not hesitate to ask us.